Thursday, August 12, 2010

Singapore, Day 2

I guess this is technically Day 2, since I arrived last night.

Coming from a sparsely populated region that prides itself on open spaces, beautiful views, and unspoiled landscapes, it is always strange for me to wake up in cities that are shrouded in smog. While I love the bustle of a busy international city, it makes me appreciate why I live where I do.

And on the agenda for today: staring at my laptop screen in my hotel room. Yep, I am serious. I am on a deadline for some work reports that are due by the end of the week, so I'm taking advantage of a down day at the beginning of the trip to get a jump on things so that I can take part in some exploring later on.

I headed down to the hotel's excellent breakfast buffet this morning (included in the room price), and was very pleased find a completely international spread that included everything from Frosted Flakes to French pastry to fish curry. I opted for a comfortable medium, with some delicious fresh fruit, yogurt and cheese. Healthy, no? A good start, I think. No need to kick the old colon into overdrive on the first morning. I'm sure I'll be scouting for bathrooms and searching for native dishes as the days go on.


The smog is burning off and it's still - wait for it - a very humid 26 degrees. Shocking, I know. This 26-30 degrees EVERY DAY is a foreign concept to me.


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